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This is a quick tour through the options you have when we build your Paper Bicycle. On a practical level you need to decide whether you need gears, dynamo lights, luggage rack or mudguards/fenders. Then comes the tough question of which colour, and what you want to do with the chain panel.

Frame colour

You choose the colour, then we paint it, that’s how it works with a Paper Bicycle. You’ll have to wait longer while we firstly powdercoat, then build your bike, but this way the colour is truly your choice and the bike is your creation, it simply wouldn’t exist had you not chosen it.

You can learn much more about our colours here…

Chain Panel

The Chain panels bring this bike alive, as well as keeping your clothes and the chain clean. Regular bikes have black plastic, but we can print your own artwork onto the panels, fit wooden ones, or create amazing two tone colour schemes. The choice really is yours.

We can provide blank panels so you can let your imagination run riot.

Learn a lot more about whats possible with chain panels here…


A simple choice, do you need gears for where you live, or do you prefer the simplicity of a single speed?

Generally a geared bike is heavier more expensive and slightly less reliable, but it will get you where your going faster, and is really a necessity if you live in a very hilly place.

Really single speed bikes have three gears, walking pedalling and free wheeling, and they are blessed with a simplicity and lack of choice that somehow purifies the cycling experience down to just steer, pedal, brake.

Sturmey Archer 8 speed – We use the Sturmey Archer XRD8(w) 8 speed hub, which provides a spread of 325% with the lowest gear at 31 inches, and the highest at 101 inches or a¬†1.2-3.9 gain ratio. We’ve found this hub to be nice and reliable, its easy to maintain/adjust and certainly for us its easy to install.

Sturmey Archer 1 speed – We’ve set the single gear to 58″ or a gain ratio of 2.4. This is about right for most riders in most circumstances, and its lower than your average Dutch single speed. Hills are much easier than you’d expect thanks to the smooth rolling Schwalbe Big Apple tyres help a lot, as does the stiff frame and relaxed seat tube angle.

Custom ratio – The standard single speed has a 38 tooth chainring on the front, and a 17 tooth sprocket on the rear. We also have stock of 16 tooth and 18 tooth sprockets if you’d rather a slightly higher/lower gear. The hub uses standard 9 spline sprockets, so you can have anything from 13 tooth through to 22 tooth.


Dynamo Lights – Bright LED lights powdered by a hub dynamo, with all the cabling hidden out of view. These are really a must if your cycling regularly at night, their reliable, very bright, and just there when you need them. They have a stand light front and rear, which means they stay lit for about 5 minutes after you stop, essential for traffic lights. The front light is 15Lux brightness, and both lights conform to German lighting regulations.

LED Blinkers – Were also able to fit tail lights into the rear frame loops of the bicycle. These are battery-powered LED Blinkers, that help make you visible but are not legal as your only light source. They each use a single AAA battery which lasts for about 40 hours, and could be exchanged for a rechargeable one.

Starship Rack

45 kg of cargo space, though it’s not uncommon for people to carry passengers Dutch style.

This rack plugs into the rear of the frame loops, and we generally powdercoat it to match the frame colour. The rails are 12.7 mm in diameter and have a free length of 300 mm (1/2 inch diameter and 1 ft long), so will take most panniers systems without any problems. We’ve not tested extensively but as far as we can tell they work fine with most rack mounted kids seats, though we’d emphasis that you need to test this first to make sure.

Options that other people make…

Front Basket

A Rixen Kaul Klickfix basket

Klick Fix by Rixen Kaul are brilliant baskets, so that;s what we offer. We thought about designing our own basket, in fact we did design our own basket, but really theirs are better.

We can provide anything from their current catalogue either traditional wicker, durable metal or modern plastic, and these baskets can either mount permanently to the handlebars (ideal for rental bikes), or quick release (with optional lock).

Kids Seats

Yepp make some brilliant children’s seats, in a nice range of ever-expanding colours. We love it when we get to colour match our bicycle to their seats, it somehow makes the world a better place.

You can learn all about these seats from Yepp, but the headlines are that they will carry a 15 kg child in front, 25 kg child on the rear, quick release from the bike and are soft easy to carry and easy to wipe clean.

Luggage Trailers

Do you need to carry a week’s shopping behind your bike, or perhaps you plan to use a Paper Bicycle to run your business?¬†Trailers really make bikes useful at carrying stuff, stuff only limited by your imagination.

Carry Freedom was Nick’s original company, so it would be odd if we didn’t offer to fit these award-winning bicycle trailers. The large Y-Frame can carry 90 kg, and we can fit it with a colour matched aluminium box if you hunger for the branded or coordinated look.

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