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Whether you’re an individual buying one bicycle, a bike shop buying 5, or a business buying a fleet of bikes; you can buy Paper Bicycles direct from our workshop in Scotland.



6 thoughts on “Buy directly

  1. dear sir and madam
    our company would like to buy three bicycles for employees. please let us know where we can buy your products in the near. Thank you so much – thomas winter

    1. Thomas

      Yes we can build three bicycles for your employee’s, in your companies colours.
      We can ship these bicycles directly, or supply through our Swiss licencee.
      I will contact you with current prices and details.



  2. Are your bikes available in the United States? Or is there a dealer in the states?

    I am very curious about your bikes for our family. I love the design!!

    Great work!


    1. Thanks Doug,

      Yes the bikes are available in the US. We have three dealers, one in New York, Boston, and Palo Alto in California. If your not close to any of these dealers we can ship the bicycle directly to you (we pay for the shipping). You can search our dealer list to find the details of your closest shop. Regards Nick

  3. Hello!

    I would LOVE to buy a Paper Bicycle. My only worry is that my employer would be paying for it and they will only pay by a cheque that can’t be payable to me (so I’m not able to cash the cheque myself and pay by another method). Are you able to accept cheques?

    Also – if I were to get artwork printed on the chain panel, do you require permission from the artist themselves?

    Ooh, also, I looked at the RAL colour chart but I’m not sure if any of the colours on there are the handful of metallic colours that are available? Could you advise which metallic colours are available and how much extra these generally cost?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hello there,

      We do indeed accept cheques as a method of payment. You can make them payable to Simple City, and post to High Clunch Farm, Stewarton, Ayrshire, KA3 5JT.

      For any artwork you want printed on the chain panel you need to get the permission of the copyright owner. Also we need a high resolution image for printing, and often the artist themselves is able to provide this directly.

      Finally, we do have metallic colours; at the moment we have Ral 2013 Pearl Orange, and Ral 5025 Pearl Gentian Blue in stock.

      I hope that helps!
      Drop me a line if you need any further assistance at


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