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There are a few decisions to be made so that we make your bicycle just the way you want it. Please Get in touch with us if you have any queries, or would like help in getting exactly what you need.

1. Choose your Gears.

We offer single speed and 8 speed Sturmey Archer gear hubs.

Its hard to recommend gears as it  very much depends on your own needs and riding style. The 8spds are heavier, and more complicated, and sap a little of your power due to drive train inefficiency, but they allow you to pedal at about the right cadence allowing your body to work at its ideal efficiency which offsets the losses of the hub. I tend to think of it as you’ll be slightly faster on an 8spd, but it’ll take up more head space.

3. Do you need lights?

We can fit hub dynamo powered LED lights front and rear? or also fit battery powered LED lights if you only occationally ride at night.

3. What colour, what chain panel?

Frame colour – Our frames and mudguards are powdercoated, in either gloss or matte finish using Ral colours:

The frame need not be the same colour as the mudguards! (the thought of this makes Nick visibly shudder, though Alix thinks it could look quite funky. As yet though, no takers).

Chain Panel – We can either leave the chain panel its original black or powdercoat it is a matching or contrasting colour. Not only that but we can also print images and art work onto the chain panel, so really you can have anything.

4. Do you carry luggage?

Rear luggage rack – We can fit either our own colour matched Starship rack, or a standard luggage rack like the Topeak Supertourist DX or any other rack that you need fitted. Either of these racks will take conventional panniers.

Front Basket – If your not carrying much and you like to keep it where you can see it then we can fit a front basket to the bike. These can quick release so you can take it with you or it can be permanently fitted. We suppy Rixen Kaul baskets, either black metal or wicker work.

Kids seats – We can also fit the brilliant Yepp kids seats on the front and rear of the bicycle. These come in different colours and its possible to match the frame colour of the bicycle to the child seat. The front seat is suited to kids up to 15kg in weight, and the rear will carry a child up to 25kg in weight.

Trailer – We also make the Carry Freedom bicycle trailers, and if you need to carry serious loads these are ideal, anything up to a 6m long canoe will fit.

5. Fittings

Bell – Our normal bell looks like a tea pot, but for an extra special ring we can fit a solid brass bell.

Handlebar grips – Either Rubber for waterproofness or Cork for comfort.

Tyres – The normal tyres are the Schwalbe Big Apples, but if you want a fatter brown or cream tyre then the Schwalbe Fat Frank’s are for you. These are functionally identical to the Big Apples, though 2.5″ wide rather than 2″ wide. They are however too big to fit under mudguards/fenders.

Saddle – Our normal saddles are black polyurethane which are tough and waterproof, a bit like wellies. However if you want something as comfy as your favorite shoes we can fit anything from the Brooks range.

 8. The making

When you place an order well make our best guess as to how long its going to take to make the bicycle, and tell you. We’ll also need a deposit to secure the order, and we’ll provide you with a reciept detailing exactly what we are building. We’ll let you know when the bicycle is almost complete, and email you the final invoice. You will need to pay this before we deliver the bicycle.

9. Delivery

If you bought your bicycle through a dealer or shop then you will be able to collect it from them once they have assembled it and given it a quick test ride.

If we are sending the bicycle directly to you then it will arrive in a box on a week day of your choosing, and it will need a little bit of easy assembly to get it ready to ride. We supply instructions on how to do this, and can also talk you through it over the phone.