Chain Panels

The Paper Bicycle’s chain panel is one of its most distinguishable features, and can personalised to match the style of your bicycle.

Truly the heart of the Paper Bicycle. This can be as loud or as discrete as you like, and they can even be swapped for another when the mood takes you.

Any colour

Powder-coated aluminium chain panel sets made to order

Powder-coated aluminium chain panel sets made to order

Match your chain panel to your bike, or select another colour for powder-coating the panels.

We laser cut aluminium panels which we can then powdercoat in as many colours as the frame. We can either colour these to contrast the frame for an amazing two tone effect, or we can powdercoat them to match the frame if you wish. They are slightly noisier than the plastic panels as they transmit noise rather than dampen it, but its somehow worth it for the incredible look possible.

Printed design

©“Rainbow Ocean” Original digital artwork by Thelma1 on Deviant Art

We can provide printed chain panels on vinyl with an anti-scuff coating, so you can use this space to advertise your business, showcase your artwork or scream your political views. Provide us with a digital image to work with, or tell us what you’d like and we’ll design the panel for you.

Chain Panel art work can either be as a large jpeg or as some form of scalable vector file like an EPS file or a pdf. Prices depend on the complexity of the print and the best method of making them up, but its normally about £30-£50 for a chain panel set. Contact us for a pdf template of the panel to work from, or if you would like us to provide you with mock-ups.

Wooden Panel

Laser Cut Plywood

Laser Cut Plywood

How about finished wooden panels for a distinguished look?

The panels are laser cut from 3mm thick plywood, which we then treat with a 5 year exterior wood preservative. These are truely lovely to look at, and go brilliantly with a leather saddle and cork handlebar grips. So far we’ve also found the wood to be very durable, and good at muffling any drive train noise. Nicks personal bike has the wooden panels fitted and its now 4 years old, and showing no sighns of looking tired.


Black plastic

Classic Black

Classic Black

The normal chain panels are made from 3mm thick black polyethylene, with a textured surface. These are durable, look really good with most frame colours and do a good job of dampening drive train noise.


Blank Panels

You can have plain aluminium ready for your own creations. You could engrave, hand-paint, etch, or even fabric cover your panel. For wear and tear we recommend varnishing your creation with a tough exterior varnish.