Design your Paper Bicycle

“Paper Bicycle is customizable with a unique design; the large side panel is at your disposal to personalize” I Think Mode

Got a dream bike in mind? Have to have an exact colour? Want a bike to change with your wardrobe? The Paper Bicycle is your blank canvas.

The range of options available with a Paper Bicycle means that you can have a truly unique bike, get in touch and tell us what you want!

your colour – your imagination – your style – your Paper Bicycle!


The Paper Bicycle is supplied with black Schwalbe Big Apple tyres as standard, but we also offer Schwalbe Fat Frank tyres in Cream, Orange, Brown or Grey. (Please note that mudguards are omitted where Fat Franks are fitted!)


Choose for comfort and style! Black Selle Royal “Rio” Polyurethane saddles are fitted as standard, or we can supply one of a range of Brooks leather saddles. Contact us with your specific needs and we’ll do our best to find you a saddle that fits beautifully.


For carrying stuff and things, from here to there and everywhere. Carry precious cargo and weekly groceries…


Rear Rack – The Paper Bicycle can be fitted or indeed retro-fitted with our Starship luggage rack in any colour desired. As well as vaguely resembling the Enterprise, the Starship rack is both stylish and incredibly strong!


Basket Case – We offer black wire, stylish wicker, or modish bucket  Rixen Kaul baskets with our bicycles, with key lockable or the handy klikfix mechanism. Do it. Carry all your eggs in one basket.


Finishing Touches

Engraved headbadges for the front cap, an assortment of bells, cork handle grips, vinyl frame stickers for extra advertising and even  gold-plated kickstands. We can make your bike as individual as you are.

Let your imagination run wild


4 thoughts on “Design your Paper Bicycle

  1. What a great change from an ordinary cycle but do you do things like wide handlebars and thick wide saddles as on some American cycles?.
    The saddles look comfortable and I like wide handlebars on my mountain bike.

    1. Trevor

      Generally we can source specific saddles and handlebars to suit your tastes, though if were supplying through a bicycle shop its normally easier if they do this for you rather than us. For the sake of production we need to buy saddles and handlebars by the 100, so we’ve had to choose things that can be fitted to almost all our bikes, but the whole point of these bikes it to create them as individuals, so were happy to seek out or fit specific details(within reason).


  2. Just thought you should know, even though you probably already do, Paper Bicycles are hands down the sturdiest and strongest bikes in the world! I was recently hit by a car while riding my Paper Bicycle home from work, and even though I ended up with a broken collarbone, my Paper Bicycle was in perfect condition, not even a scratch! Thanks for making such a beautiful and sturdy bicycle.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I’m so so glad you weren’t more seriously injured! Its good to hear your accident proved the bike’s durability, but next time just take our word for it!

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